Privacy Policy

Unity Healthcare is managed by Suffolk GP Federation. You can view thier privacy policy here:


Closed circuit television (CCTV) is installed at Unity Healthcare solely for the safety and security of our patients and staff, to prevent and deter crime. Images are recorded 24 hours a day and stored on the hard drives of the recording devices that are situated in secure areas. Only the practice managers and those delivering technical support services will have access to the system.

The CCTV only records images, not audio.

All CCTV recordings are stored on our recording devices for 28 days before being deleted.

We will only ever share this information with the relevant authorities in connection with the safety and security of patients and staff. We will not share with any third parties. 

Visitors to the practice have the right to request to see images of themselves on CCTV as part of the request made under the privacy legislation. Like all subject access requests, it must be made in writing.

We have followed the CCTV guidelines produced by the Information Commissioners' Office.